Anybody who thinks the Jersey music scene boils down to just Bruce and Bon Jovi doesn’t know much about the state’s rich musical tradition.

From the aforementioned duo to Sinatra, Frankie Valli, Queen Latifah, the Fugees, and countless others too numerous to mention – many of them plied their craft in clubs that are still with us or long gone.

Their list includes such places as:
The Court Tavern, New Brunswick
The Saint, Asbury Park
The Brighton Bar, Long Branch
Dingbatz, Clifton
along with the Stone Pony and Northern Soul, Hoboken

And while I might be able to rattle off a couple of them just off the top of my head (Stone Pony and Wonderbar in Asbury Park, Birch Hill in Old Bridge, or Hunka Bunka in Sayreville); I was thinking more along the lines of dance clubs, where singers would perform to music tracks.

And just like the rock clubs, many of Jersey’s dance clubs are either still around, albeit under different names (Rise in Lodi which used to be Chicago in the 80’s and early 90’s or Abyss on Rt. 35 in Sayreville which is “God knows what!”; and Foxes in Jersey City by the side of the Pulaski Skyway.)

How many Jersey clubs - rock, dance, or hip hop – have you been to; and who all have you seen perform?