Ah, the signs of summer! The smell of barbecues, busting out the shorts, and of course Division of Consumer Affairs staff carefully inspecting boardwalk games looking for rigging and cheaters. Wait, what? Yep. Every year a band of officials is sent out unannounced and they examine the games of chance, measuring basketball hoops, testing the strength of the cranes, looking to see that the darts you're supposed to pop a balloon with really can fly straight.

Their job isn't to make the games any easier to win. Just to make sure it's actually possible to win and not unfairly rigged. Haven't we all wondered this as we shelled out our singles and fives to these summer job barkers? How much does cheating go on? Since 2014 there were over 100 violations filed. They are back out again this summer to keep game operators honest. On Wednesday they were in Point Pleasant and a couple other shore towns. Get paid to play boardwalk games? Not a bad gig if you can get it!

So beyond the worry of whether they're impossible to win, what's your favorite boardwalk game? As we know it's not so much the prize (last year the stuffed animal version of the iPhone poop emoji was all the rage), it's the fun of trying.

For the list of options I left out the arcade type games like Skeeball and crane games and included only the types of games that are stand alones where they work hard at calling you over to play. Of the list below pick your favorite.

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