It was 46 years ago Friday the Beatles posed for the Sgt Pepper Album cover which is arguably the greatest album cover in rock n roll.



For their eighth studio album, the Beatles would come up with what many feel is their best work. For its cover, they paid homage to several of the most popular figures in history.


The final grouping included Marlene Dietrich,Carl Gustav JungW.C. FieldsDiana DorsBob DylanIssy BonnMarilyn MonroeAldous HuxleyKarlheinz StockhausenSigmund FreudAleister CrowleyT. E. LawrenceLewis CarrollEdgar Allan PoeKarl MarxSir Robert PeelOscar WildeH. G. WellsMarlon BrandoStan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, and Lenny Bruce.  The list also included was the image of the original Beatles' bassist, the late Stuart SutcliffeAdolf Hitler and Jesus Christ were requested by Lennon, but ultimately they were left out. A photo also exists of a rejected cardboard printout with a cloth draped over its head; its identity is unknown.


Along with homage, the Beatles paid a lot of money to use the likenesses of all these people. The final cost for the cover art was nearly £3,000 (equivalent to £40,606 today) an extravagant sum for a time when album covers would typically cost around £50.


The album cover, like the album, is a lost art. Even though we now have CD’s, can any of those covers compare to the album covers of classic rockers? In those days, there was so much creativity, that it transcended the music and made it’s way to the album cover. What is your favorite all time album cover?  Discuss below.