As more and more women are going to college, entering the workforce, and becoming the primary breadmakers for the family, we wonder how many families still consider themselves traditional.

On Thursday, we had a spirited discussion about about what it means to be in society today. When discussing her feelings on the women's movement, Judi said that she doesn't consider herself a feminist or even a humanist, but she doesn't see herself as anti-feminist, either. Maybe the best way to describe it would be apathetic or "a-feminist."

She talked about how women's roles in the household and the workforce have changed over time, and many listeners chimed in to talk about whether a traditional nuclear family was still valued in society.

Then something pretty interesting happened. A listener by the name of Dallas called in to ask Judi a hypothetical question about how she'd react if she saw a woman wearing the veil at a grocery store. Check out her response to the question in the video below:

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