I'm a huge Judge Judy fan, primarily for the sense of wonder and awe I get from watching the many low-lives parading their personal family squabbles on national TV for all the world to see.

And there's a scenario that plays out on Judge Judy all the time: a father suing his daughter, a nephew suing his aunt, or any combination of family relatives suing each other.

I've always thought it to be such an odd and uncomfortable situation when I watch it in that courtroom, yet occasionally you see it happen in the news or on TV.

In Hackensack, a court just awarded a 14-year old girl 4.1 million dollars after suing her father for injuries she sustained when he crashed into her after running a stop sign in Tenafly.

While I marvel at the sheer sleaziness of being able to sue a family member, call me naive: I think I finally just figured out why they do it.

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