In January of 2005, Fox premiered a soap opera called Point Pleasant that was so bad they cancelled it in March of 2005. They should have made it a reality show, the script would have been so much better.  You want drama? Close the bars at midnight.

So what was the point to the new alcohol sales curfew in Point Pleasant? Their closing the bars at midnight just as the summer season gets underway. So now what?

Where’s the money coming from that’s going to be lost on July 1? What are all the business that depend on the money brought in from the bar patrons supposed to do now? This is not what they signed up for when they opened those establishments. This is like a punch in the gut as your looking forward to your biggest income time of the year.

What are all the employees, bartenders, waitresses, bouncers who work at those bars supposed to do?  If you think people who go to bars are gonna start at Point Pleasant then go somewhere else when the clock strikes twelve, think again. It’s much easier to just start somewhere else. Especially since most people who go drinking at night, usually arrive around 10:30-11p.

I understand the argument about the rowdiness but that could be controlled by more security which the bars offered to provide. Even if you had to put a policemen on every corner the bars and the town would still make money. Now what?

Where is the money going to come from that is lost from the bar crowd? Is Point Pleasant looking to become a high end vacation spot like say The Hamptons? Cape Cod? How long would that take to happen? Can the business owners down there survive the wait? Only time will tell.