The Occupy Wall Street movement has proven to be more than a flash in a pan, but the question of “what’s the end game” remains.

This movement has grown quite a bit in terms of numbers and cities “occupied,” but again, where does it go from here?

Occupy is against the 1% that supposedly controls money and politics in this country, yet they still have not really stated what their goals are. I did not ever think the movements would last this long, especially considering the lack of a singular focus. At the same, though, it is a very intriguing proposition.

A major part of the problem for the demonstrations is they seemingly have a lot of occupiers, who are there because they want to be part of the story, but their some people’s behavior has stripped away from the movement’s credibility. That all adds up to a mass of people without the proper direction and leadership.

I understand that part of the cause is to be united and create a system of equality as opposed to the system they say is in place now. However, if the group is looking to make their mark and accomplish real change and reform, then a strong voice is needed. The whole scenario reminds me of the old adage…too many chefs in the kitchen.

The fact that these movements are going strong with colder weather on the way and the initial shock value dwindled is nothing short of remarkable. But at the end of the day, it’s extremely difficult to form an objective opinion on the movement because it is so unguided and clouded.

So, while standoffs with police continue to pop up in cities such as Portland and Oakland, it will be interesting to see if this will truly remain a peaceful process, or if tensions will swell. It will also be interesting to see what the result of a march to Washington DC will accomplish.

Government officials and police have been patient, yet it is becoming clear that they are tiring of the noise, disturbance, and unsanitary conditions that these occupied areas have become.

For sheer duration, the movement has made me at least recognize them, and if they are still out there in the dead of winter, which they say they will be, then I will really give notice.

But yet I still would ask two questions. What is the goal, and what is the endgame?