Sunday is the day most football fans are wearing their team jerseys. Some will even try to wear the appropriate home or road color. The NFL jersey has had quite the evolution since they started mass selling them.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

When you look at early football footage from the sixties like the old Green Bay Super Bowls, most fans were wearing ties and fedora hats. The jerseys of the seventies and eighties had painted on numbers and no names on the back. Now they can cost as much as $249 dollars.

I have some questions regarding the wearing of the jersey that I’d like to get you opinion on. First off, is there an age where one should stop wearing one? I’ve been wearing jerseys since I was a kid and I wonder how much longer I can last. I really don’t see a lot of people in their forties and fifties sporting them.

Is it cool to wear the jersey of a player who is no longer on the team? I think that depends on the player. I recently bought my sons Ahmad Bradshaw Giants jerseys. Bradshaw was released this year and is now playing for the Colts, but he did score a touchdown in their Super Bowl victory. I also got them at almost 50% off on clearance.

I got a Tim Tebow pro Jets jersey with numbers and patches sewn on for $11.50

I wouldn’t buy a Jeremy Shockey, although I did take my wife’s to a tee shirt maker and had the name plate removed and replaced by a custom made “Cruz”

So I ask you, is there an age when you should stop wearing jerseys except for the games? And also, what’s the best jersey you own or owned? Whose jersey are you wearing now? Whose have you worn? Did you buy them because you liked the player, the team, or the price?