First, congrats to the G-Men for shutting up the crowd at Lambeau Field with a 37-20 rout of the Packers. After a 15-1 regular season record, the stun is still being felt by Packer fans. Was this game a textbook case of the playoffs being the perfect time to come together as a team? Yes, it was.

What would you think would've been the best way to watch this game? Bravely wearing your Giants jersey at ground zero on enemy turf? Or maybe the best place is in the confines of your own living room, having all the comforts of home, snacks in the kitchen nearby, private bathroom, control of your remote with dvr, and, uh, warmth? There's this third option written about here in The Jersey Journal.

Giants fans were outside freezing their nads off all over Hoboken waiting in long, arctic lines to get into whatever bar they could to have that camaraderie of the community experience. Some couldn't hang. "Line's too long." "Too freezing." Many waited well over an hour shivering in the cold before they'd get in someplace. Then what? Packed in like sardines, surrounded by drunks who'd been there since 11 a.m., waiting who knows how long for a drink? Then more lines, lines to the bathrooms, lines to the bartender. How much of the game do we miss in situations like these?

I remember being in a bar trying to watch game 5 of the L.A. Lakers/Detroit Pistons Finals in 2004 and it being hard with all the drunken distractions. One little guy tried to chest bump a big dude when the Pistons won it and wound up out cold on the floor. Guess you don't get that kind of excitement in your living room. Then again, if indeed it's that shared experience you're looking for you don't find that in your living room either.

Screw it. They won. Go Giants!

What is your favorite way to watch a game? Leave your comments below.