Three regions down, one to go in my quest to crown the best pizzeria in all of New Jersey!

After tallying up your responses on Twitter, Facebook,, and on email, I am pleased to announce the most nominated pizzerias in South Jersey. Congratulations to Tacconellis Pizzeria in Maple Shade and Gia Nina's in Woodbury.

We're taking your nominations in South Jersey, Central Jersey, North Jersey and the Shore — then I'll be visiting each location to help you pick a regional winner before we have an ultimate showdown of the best from every area of the state.

Let's have a look at the bracket so far:

I think you know what my next question is. I saved the most competitive region for last for a reason!

Let's see your nominations for the best pizzerias in North Jersey. To be clear, the nomination has to be from a pizzeria north of Route 78. Let us know your choice on @NJ1015 on Twitter or in the comment section below.

— Joe Votruba

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