Last week Governor Chris Christie said his top five priorities for the rest of the year are eliminating user fees put in by towns, doing away with sick leave payouts, promoting shared services, ethics reform, and getting a tax cut for Garden State residents.

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

The man who determines which bills are considered in the Jersey legislature has his own vision for the future.

State Senate President Steve Sweeney says in addition to job creation, “right now the number one priority is the Higher Ed bond- and minimum wage is another priority for me – with a COLA (cost of living adjustment ) and that’s an absolute- shared services, and love to be able to do the tax cut if the numbers were real – so far they haven’t been.”

On supporting the $750,000,000 Higher Ed bond proposal – that’s on the November Ballot – Sweeney says “it’s one of these things that if we don’t do it there’s going to be less jobs in New Jersey and the economy is going to get worse and not get better – there’s some things you have to spend on if you want to send the right message to the world – that New Jersey is serious about higher education – that we want to have the best labs and professors – there’s only one way to do it -  give em modern labs and classrooms, not classrooms built in the 50s and 60s that haven’t kept up with technology – you can’t get the best of the best when you don’t have the best.”