I saw a recent article claiming Skittles is supposed to be New Jersey's favorite candy. Yet three years ago our producer Joe V ran this story that showed other research claiming the Garden's State's favorite candy was Bubble Tape. That's right, gum. That's not even candy in my opinion.

So you can have ten different sources with ten different studies showing ten different outcomes. Even asking an individual person what their favorite candy is can be hard. For example, I love the combination of chocolate and peanut butter so Reese's cups could be my favorite. Yet on a different day when I want all sugar it could be Nerds.

Here's a quick one question quiz from Buzzfeed that is supposed to reveal your personality according to which candy you pick as your favorite. They give you 27 choices. I tried picking Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and it told me I love to gossip. Not true at all. I actually hate it. There's nothing worse than secondhand information. There are people who told me intimate secrets more than 20 years ago who I don't even have in my life anymore yet their secrets will go with me to my grave. So that one was a flop. Then I picked Nerds. It said I'm a very private person. Yeah, because I'll tell almost anything about my life to our listeners, especially the self-deprecating stuff.

Maybe you'll have better luck. Take the quiz and see if yours is more accurate.

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