A friend of mine is on the fence about accepting a new job that would require him to relocate to New Jersey and he asked me how I felt about it. I have some ideas as to what I should tell him in terms of why it's a good idea, but I want to see if you can come up with anything better. If you had a friend or relative ask you if it was a good idea to make the move, what would you say and why? You can be as specific as possible. It can be a restaurant you swear by, a specific town or your favorite Atlantic City casino.

Of course the cliche answer would be to highlight the unique location between New York and Philadelphia right off the bat. Being that close to two major cities offers a lot of possibilities for employment and things to do in your spare time. Location is important for sure, but there are some other things that people thinking about moving to New Jersey should know. For example...

1. Our food

What other state can hold its own when it comes to Italian food, corn, tomatoes and seafood? How about the fact that we have a breakfast sandwich that is unique to only New Jersey? Try ordering pork roll, egg & cheese on a roll in Illinois.

2. Our beaches

If you look at the towns that line the Jersey Shore, you can find something that fits what you are looking to do for a night, weekend or extended vacation. Party and gamble in Atlantic City. Experience live music, diverse bars and great food in Asbury Park. Get away from all of that and head down to Cape May. It's all there.

3. Our roads

Yes, jughandles aren't always the most convenient obstacle when you're in a rush to get somewhere and tolls are the work of the Devil, but our extensive road system makes it easy to get anywhere in New Jersey. Seriously, try getting routes as direct as the ones we have here once you get into rural Pennsylvania. Make sure you tell them that Route 18 is the best kept secret once you get south of Old Bridge and if they're planning on getting on the southbound Turnpike off I-195, just take I-295 instead. It's like the free version of the Turnpike.

What would you tell a millennial thinking about moving to NJ? Let me know in the comment section below.