No one hit the big prize in last night's Mega Millions drawing, which means Friday's drawing will be worth $291 million, and probably more come that day. The cash option as it stands now will be worth $157 million.

Now I know some like to speak of the charitable organizations they would launch, and the cynic in me thinks most people deep down say this because they believe in some sort of karmic influence as if by believing that's what they'd do they'll somehow be allowed by the universe to win. Others, more honest in my opinion, talk about hiring the Rolling Stones to perform in their backyard for the ultimate kegger. Then there's the family you'd help, the debts you'd pay off, the trips you'd take, etcetera. But the biggest question is always this:

Would you quit your job?

To me this even a question seems insane. Is there any better reason to play the lottery than to never have to work again? And an astonishing number of people claim they wouldn't quit their jobs. Meet Pedro Quezada of Passaic, the guy who won $152 million after taxes. At first he said he would keep up with his bodega. Yeah, that lasted about 48 hours. Now he's been brought into court for back child support and is currently being sued by his ex live-in girlfriend for a share of the money. Of which $20 million cannot be accounted for.

My point is we say things like we won't quit our jobs, we won't this and we won't that. Then the enormity of that much money changes things. Sometimes for the worse.

So be honest.

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