People are usually very passionately for it or against it when it comes to flu shots. I'm for it. I believe in the science of it. I don't believe you can get the flu from a dead virus. I don't believe there's any medical conspiracy. I never used to get a flu shot in my 20's. It wasn't that I was afraid of them as many people are. I just never thought about it.Then I found out I had Type 1 Diabetes, and ever since, I get a flu shot every year because someone like me can easily die from the flu if it gets out of hand.

For the first time ever, all four Mercer County area hospitals are insisting that all clinical staff member get a flu shot unless they have some religious objection or some medical reason to forgo the vaccination. Now that's understandable since we're talking hospitals, close contact with those already in weakened states, etcetera. But it got me thinking just what if.

What if someday the argument is made about lost productive and loss of manpower. What if your own company, having nothing to do with the medical field, made it a condition of employment that you agree to a flu shot every year. Would you take the shot? No, I'm not suggesting companies do this. I'm just thinking in an age where companies seem to want to get more and more into our personal lives to the point they feel like they own you, what if this ever happened?