I think I speak for everyone when I say one of the best things about the year being behind us is the lack of political ads in the coming year.

However we do have a Governor's race coming in 2017 for New Jersey, so we're not completely out of the woods. Here is a quick list of the things I won't miss about 2016.

  • 1

    Presidential Election coverage

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    Every show talked about it. Every news broadcast lead with it. The political ads became a joke. It was like groundhog day every day for a year!

  • 2

    Summer Olympics in Rio

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    No offense to the New Jersey residents who competed in this year's Olympics, when I saw a couch, yes a couch floating in a body water where they were supposed to swim or row, it kind of lost its appeal for me.

  • 3

    Pokemon Go

    Absolute proof that the world was coming to an end. There are people in developing countries looking for food or firewood and we're looking for what!?!? I wanted to go to sleep until the thing went away. Luckily for me, it only took a month!

  • 4

    Chris Christie campaigning for President

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    It was a combination of frustration, embarrassment and anger and when it all came to an end it was kind of sad. In many, many ways.

  • 5

    Terrorist attacks around the world

    Seemed like every other week there was another one and it almost became routine. It even hit close to home with the bombs in Seaside and Elizabeth. As Trump would say on Twitter... very sad.

  • 6

    Media exploiting police shootings

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    If they were interested in the whole story and not just getting more people upset and more people to watch, lives could have been saved and the country would be far less divided. Again, very sad!

  • 7

    Hillary Clinton's shrill voice

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    I don't care what kind of crazy we're in store for with Trump, that voice would have made me shove a dull clam shucking knife into my eye if I had to hear her for four years!

  • 8


    The EU sucks. Europe was great when it was a bunch of countries that looked and sounded different and had different money. Let the Brits be Brits, the French be... well French and go back to the way it was.