As Steve and Dena Blizzard were filling for Dennis and Judi today, they were discussing the report that more teens are waiting to get their license.


Steve and Dena could not believe that kids today would wait before getting their license. When both Steve and Dena grew up, getting your license was equivalent to getting your freedom. Why would kids nowadays wait to have that privilege?

The conversation quickly morphed into a discussion about your memories of your first car. Steve remembered his first car, it was a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle that was so bright, he used to get pulled over because the cops were convinced Steve was a drug dealer.

Dena on the other hand, her first car was a bright banana yellow 1971 Maverick that was so big and so junky but the best part about it was that due to the size of the car, Dena was safe because nothing was going to damage that car.

After discussing their first cars, Steve and Dena opened it up to the listeners and asked what their first cars were. Here's a list of some of the callers' first cars:

  • Rick in South Plainfield - A 1970 Maverick
  • Kayla in North Plainfield - 1988 Honda CR-X
  • Wayne in Piscataway - 1964 Mustang
  • Steve in Linden - 1955 Chevy
  • Gene in Lincroft - 1954 Oldmobile
  • Steve in Franklin Park - 1969 Camaro