Disasters like Tropical Storm Irene, the wildfires in southern New Jersey and the recent apartment building fire in Woodbridge all call attention to the vital role that homeowners and renter’s insurance plays in helping consumers rebuild their homes and replace their property following a loss.

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A lot of people are confused about what is covered and what is not and that can prevent them from buying the insurance that best fits their needs.

New Jersey Department of Banking and Insurance Acting Commissioner Ken Kobylowski is offering tips to help you better understand your homeowners or renter’s insurance policies. You can check out, “Insuring Your Home – A Consumer Guide to Homeowners, Renters and Condominium Insurance,” which was recently revised by the Department.

“It is extremely important that property owners or renters have the proper insurance coverage to protect their home and its contents in the event of a loss,” explains Kobylowski. “To do that, they must first understand the basic language of the policy and know what to look for in the document, and that is not always easy. ”

The iPhone version is available here.  The Andriod version is available here.