New Jersey could actually have legalized marijuana by 2018! So says Senate President Steve Sweeney. So if this happens, what are we going to eat when we get the munchies?

I once ate half a tray of Boston creme donuts en route to a Peter Frampton, Yes, and Gary Wright concert with my friend Andy Kaufman (not that one). Imagine the rise in pizza sales when weed becomes legal? I can see them putting weed in shakers next to the oregano.

We all have our go-to food when we get stoned. So I asked what some of yours were and here's what we have.

Cheeseburger from White Rose Diner — pick your location, Roselle, Linden, or HIghland Park. Any will do.

Christina's Pizza. Remember that old box that says "You've tried the rest, now try the best?" This is what was in that box! Also Vito's Pizza in Pennington is great!

The left side of the menu of Delorenzo's on Hudson Street — A favorite from my radio brother Tom "Bruce Brunch" Cunningham.

Grilled cheese — made at home in a toaster oven, with one loaf of bread and a package of Singles, you're good to go for as long as you want.

Nachos and or Doritos — very popular covered with whatever leftover you can find in the refrigerator, except that thing in the aluminum foil that looks like either very new cheese or very old meat

Honorable mentions went to cookies, cupcakes, brownies (which will just make you want to eat even more) and from a few "my words." There were a few that couldn't be mentioned but I'll leave that up to your imagination, since you do that anyway.

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