There are plenty of things that can grind your gears while driving in a car on NJ's roads. You have people on cell phones, "left-lane dicks" that won't let you pass and of course, let's not forget the stop-and-go traffic.

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Eric Scott was filling in for Jim today and asked the listeners what annoys them the most on NJ's roads. Eric mentioned that the side-seat or backseat drivers really annoy him and can put more stress on a driver because they can distract you or make you more nervous behind the wheel.

Here is a quick list from our callers with what annoyed them most on NJ's roads.


- Distracted driving

- People entering highways at a slow rate of speed

- People who don't keep right

- Sunday drivers

- Drivers that overcompensate for bad weather

- People that back up on an exit ramp

- Drivers that pull out in front of you then drive slowly

- Drivers waiting until the last second to get over to access an exit ramp.

- People that drive with their high beams on

- Pedestrians that walk out into traffic with no regard

- Drivers who speed up and wont let you in or out of a lane

- Motorcycle riders driving between the lanes, specifically in traffic.

Keep the list going by giving us your driving annoyances in the comment section below.