So ... this is one of the stranger news leads we've run into. Mary Beth Maclearie Rehrer contacted New Jersey 101.5 via our Facebook page to tell us about a heartbreaking theft.

The following exchange has been slightly edited for length, capitalization and punctuation. We were chatting on Facebook — and if you think we make typos here ...

* * *

Mary Beth Maclearie Rehrer: My family is very upset because last night our big stuffed minion, who we affectionately named One-Eyed Jack Sparrow, was stolen out of our Jeep, outside of a pharmacy in Wall. We are stunned that people see something that they desire and just take it for themselves.

These thieves might just think it's a prank, but it is hurtful, mean, illegal and just plain wrong! We are doubly upset because last summer, the same exact thing happened outside of a QuickCheck in Scotch Plains. Is there a ring of Minion kidnappers out there? Are people just greedy, stealing thieves who must take what isn't nailed down? I'm sorry that we left Jack alone and would do anything to have him back. A reward for his safe return is being offered. Please help being Jack home!

New Jersey 101.5: Sorry to hear! What kind of reward, and how can people get in touch? Contacted police?

"One Eyed Jack Sparrow" is seen with his faithful companion and "cousin," Garcia.

MBMR: We are offering $100 for Jack's return. We haven't contacted the police yet, but will be. On the night he went missing we searched locally to see he was tossed into the bushes or grass. ... No luck! Information leading to Jack can be email to

New Jersey 101.5: Why offer such a big reward when you could buy a replacement for less?  And how will you know if someone just buys one and then turns that in for the reward money?

MBMR:  Well, One-Eyed Jack Sparrow was one of our family. He has an identifying mark (aka "flaw") that only we know of. He is a pirate minion and a certain size (jumbo).We could go to the boardwalk and win another, but it wouldn't be the same. We basically want to restore our faith in humanity. We are bothered, mad and upset that someone would reach into our vehicle and take what isn't theirs and a member of our family!

New Jersey 101.5: We'll get a post together for our site. You won him at the boardwalk? When/where?

MBMR: Jack is from the Point Pleasant Boardwalk. Our 11-year-old daughter Grace won him playing the water pistol game (the one that you have to burst a balloon) this July.

Grace will be thrilled to hear that you are getting the public's attention! Thank you so much!

The second picture is of Jack and his cousin, Garcia the Grateful Minion. Garcia has his own Facebook fan page! Anyway, we seem crazy over our Minions (Minion madness, we say!) but it is harmless, good fun ... until your minion gets stolen!