Hopefully the temperatures hit a mark this weekend that will be more conducive to taking in some sun at the shore.

And with that wafting through your mind are memories of going to the beach with the radio playing WABC, WMCA, WBLS, WIBG, WFIL – whatever radio station providing the soundtrack.

Once one of those “summer songs” comes on the radio – where do they take you?

Could it be, like for me, trying to get on the crowded B-1 bus to Manhattan Beach listening to “Groovin’”, “Windy”, or “Light My Fire”?

Or maybe you were “Up on the Roof” trying to catch a cool breeze that was in short supply downstairs. Maybe even “Under the Boardwalk” trying to avoid the hot sands in the sun.

And some great summer nights too by the shore – watching “Girls in their Summer Clothes!”

I’ll give you a taste of some of my favorites tonight – which I know you’ll be only too excited to share – along with whatever you remember about going to the beach – shore – whatever you call it.

What are the songs that remind you of going to the beach?