I guess I'll have to keep explaining this until I die, but I'll do it again here with pleasure.  The New Jersey Devils played the Philadelphia Flyers tonight in an NHL game in Philadelphia. It ended in a tie, but the Devils won in a shootout.  If you're a hockey fan, you know what that is. If you're not, then never mind.

Suffice it to say the Devils prevailed, which did not make me happy because I am a Flyers fan.  I had tickets to tonight’s game, but I gave them to my two sons to experience the joy of my two boys hanging out together as adults.

My dad was always happy when I spent time with one of my brothers when we grew up.  I never knew why he always liked that.  Now that my boys are grown, I get it.  It just makes you feel good.  Not sure exactly why...but I digress.

They reason I am a Flyers and not a Devils fan is simple.  I am below "the line".  The imaginary line that runs from somewhere just north ofTrenton to the top of Long Beach Island.  North of this line you get New York TV and radio coverage of New York sports and New York news.   South of this line you get Philadelphia news and sports coverage. That is why NJ 101.5 is so great because we are THE media outlet that exists to serve New Jersey. But I digress again.

If I wanted to go to a Devils game, it's about a two-hour schlep up the NJ Turnpike.  To see the Flyers, it's a 30-minute drive over the Walt Whitman Bridge into South Philly.  So, I watched the game on TV from my South Jersey home because they cover ALL of the Flyers games here on TV and on the radio too.

If I go to a sporting goods store in my area, the racks are filled with Philly teams' jerseys and hats. There are NO New York items and of course NO Devils stuff either.  The Flyers practice facility is 15 minutes from my house.  My kids played hockey there growing up.  Most of the Flyers players live in my area.  I occasionally see them at the supermarket or other stores around where I live.  No Devils are ever in the area.  So you see, it's not a "traitor" thing or an anomaly like someone who lives in New Jersey rooting for the Cowboys or the Red Sox.

The Flyers ARE my hometown team. Where I live, I would be the odd one if I were a Devils fan.  Don't hate me because I live below "The Line".


Congrats to the Devils for a hard fought contest, but WE will get you next time!  And I will undoubtedly have to explain the "line" thing again, I'm sure.

Do you get where 'the line' is? Comment below!