Dennis and Judi were discussing their favorite tv shows and whether or not there are any shows on the air right now that are "must-watch."

Dimitrios Kambouris/Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Judi has mentioned on more than one occasion that her favorite tv show is "Breaking Bad," which she will argue is the best show ever on television. While Dennis enjoys more reality tv programming and his favorite show right now by far is "Duck Dynasty."

Dennis and Judi opened it up to the listeners to hear about their favorite shows. Here is a list of the callers favorite tv shows that they said they just cannot miss.

Elaine in Colonia - "Castle"

Linda from Bensalem - "Judge Judy"

Eileen in Marlboro - "Perception"

Janet in Freehold - "Sex in the City"

Ricky from Hillsborough - "2 1/2 Men"

Jody in Red Bank - "Walking Dead"

What are some of your favorite "must watch" tv shows? Keep the list going by commenting below.