Jeff and Bill opened the show today by asking the listeners if they've ever bought something off the tv and if it was worth it or it was a piece of junk. Many of us have found ourselves up late at night, watching one of those "As Seen on TV" infomercials and in our tired stupor, went and purchased an item, that if it was during the day, we may never have purchased.    Jeff even mentioned how he bought a greatest hits cd set of the band 'The Platters' one night, just because he was up late and at the time, it seemed like a good idea. Since then, as you can imagine, Jeff has regretted that decision. Oddly enough, Jeff was never that big of a fan of The Platters to begin with before he bought the cd set. (and yes, The Platters had enough hits to apparently make a cd set.)

One caller in particular who called in during the hour, mentioned the hair accessory she bought for herself called the 'Topsy Tail.' Proving that you don't have to go very far to find anyone who has purchased something from tv, one of our own colleagues actually bought and had the 'topsy tail' in her desk! Here's a video of the actual commercial for 'Topsy Tail' and a couple of pictures of her modeling the 'As Seen on TV' product.


Chris Kissel/Townsquare Media


and another photo of the 'Topsy Tail' in action:

Double Down/NJ1015 Townsquare Media


What items have you purchased off the tv? Did they work? Was it a waste of money? Leave your stories in the comment section below.