Everyday, New Jerseyans log onto their computers and search the internet for information. But did you ever wonder what the rest of New Jersey is searching for most when they use a Google search?

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The website Estately has created a map with the most searched topics by every state on Google.

What did New Jersey search for most? The hottest topics were the war on women and immigration reform.

Here is the full list of the top Google searches by New Jersey:


  • War on women
  • Immigration Reform
  • Frozen costume
  • Oscar Pistorious trial
  • Bridgegate
  • Tim Howard (U.S. soccer player)
  • Kim Novak (actress)
  • Alfonso Ribeiro (actor/dancer)
  • Idina Menzel (actress/singer)
  • Ansel Elgort (actor)
  • Tracy Morgan (comedian)