There's a product available online called Homesick Candles (here's Jersey's version). The idea is to capture the smells of various home states for those who have moved away and long for their old life.

Most of their product line doesn't make sense to me. For example their Michigan candle, a place I lived for 10 years, is described as smelling like a mix of cherries, chocolate, and Indian summers. Yyyyyyeah. I never smelled cherries or chocolate and what the heck does an Indian summer smell like anyway?

Although I must say their New Jersey candle makes sense in that it is supposed to smell the the Jersey shore. Great. But we got to thinking this doesn't capture all of Jersey. So we, along with our listeners' help, came up with more Jersey specific candles.

Introducing our line of candles that capture the smells of Jersey:

The Keansburg candle
Not just any shore town, this slow burning candle captures the smell of the hundreds of thousands of dead fish recently found.

The Princeton candle
This tony candle captures the "our crap doesn't stink" attitude of the Ivy League town with a fragrance that, well, just doesn't smell.

The Rahway candle
The smell of prison food drifting in from the Avenel border.

The Atlantic City candle
The sweet aroma combo of salt water taffy and abject failure.

The Hacketstown candle
Home of Mars, the maker of M&Ms, this sweet smelling candle fills your home with chocolate but does, unfortunately, melt.

The Cape May candle
Simply put, the smell of money burning.

The Nutley candle
Home of Jersey's tan man Patricia Krentcil, gives off the combined smell of alcohol and burning flesh.

The Trenton candle
The delicious smell of pork roll, egg, and cheese.

The north of Trenton candle
The exact same smell as the Trenton candle put with label that says delicious smell of Taylor Ham, egg, and cheese.

The south of Trenton candle
Capturing the treatment plant there, we'll just call it "sewage in waiting."

The Asbury Park candle
Gives off the smell of 10 pounds of Bruce Springsteen's sweat and burns twice as long as any other candle, just like Bruce's shows.

The Freehold candle
Home of Nestle, this candle provides the daily smell of coffee just like a ride through town does. (We would like Jersey politicians to take that drive and wake up.)

The Linden candle
The unmistakeable scent of used bowling shoes.

The Hoboken candle
This candle will bring you back to your clubbing days with its urine in alley fragrance.

Do you have a New Jersey town candle you'd like to add? Let us know on Twitter @NJ1015 or in the comment section below!

—Jeff Deminski

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