The Bergen Record has obtained emails and communications that show Governor Christie's deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly had advance knowledge of a plan to shut down local access lanes to the George Washington bridge in September in a scandal that has drawn nationwide attention. Dated August 13th, nearly a month before the multiple day closures in September, the email was sent to David Wildstein, the former official at the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey who ended up giving the direct order to the bridge manager to close the lanes.

According to the Bergen Record, this goes a long way in showing what many have believed to be lies by Governor Christie that the lane closures were merely part of a traffic study and in no way a political vendetta against the democratic mayor of Fort Lee for not having endorsed Christie. "Time for some traffic problems in Fort Lee," wrote Christie's deputy chief.

My question is, how much will it matter in the end? While it should matter a great deal, are we so jaded and used to the political games and the corruption and the lies that we just assume this is business as usual and all politicians would and do throw their weight around in the same bullying manner? Put their own interests above the interest of the very people who elected them who are simply trying to get to work? Put their own interests above the interest of the more honorable first responders who are trying to do their jobs to help others and faced gridlock those mornings?

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