Personal kryptonite is what I call those things like nails on a chalk board or hearing the squeaking of Styrofoam on Styrofoam when undoing a package. In other words things that you have an involuntary, physical reaction to. Kind of like shivers down the spine or what one might call the 'willies'.

I shared that my new one was found the other day when my daughter was scraping her metal fork across her plate. My Styrofoam one I've had my whole life. Then people started calling in their own, and the list was amazingly varied.

Here it is:

  • Doug from Mt. Holly: Hearing someone tearing cloth
  • Debbie from Linden: The sound of someone chewing
  • Allie from Toms River: Bagpipes
  • Mateo from Philadelphia, PA: Snapping finger to call someone
  • Tom from Lincroft: Dry skin snagging on fleece
  • Mark on the Parkway: Smell, taste, even texture of peanut butter
  • Tara from Oxford: The word package
  • Rick from Marlton: Anything being between his toes
  • Erica from Browns Mills: Wet hands touching newspaper
  • Rachel from Freehold: The sound of a dentist drill
  • Joe from Lakewood: The sound of Styrofoam on Styrofoam
  • Tom from Trenton: When the dentist grabs your tongue with gauze
  • Giancarlo from Princeton: Touching cardboard
  • Dan from Whippany: Pulling cotton apart
  • Sarah from Trenton: Erasing a chalkboard
  • Terry on I-78: Napkins touching her teeth
  • Laura from Seaside Heights: The wooden spoon that came with the mini ice cream cups

Do you have any more? Share them in the comment section below!