'Tis season for TV season finales! 24 of your favorite television shows are winding down to an end, and many are saying that these endings will keep you on the edge of your seat. The secret to a great finale is to throw in a great cliffhanger that will make viewers want to come back next year. The best season finale in my opinion was when Dallas asked “Who Shot JR?”

On my show, I've asked listeners many times what the best series finales are. Usually “The Bob Newhart Show,” where Bob wakes up and is still in his old sitcom, “The Sopranos” where we question what really happened to Tony, and “Seinfeld” end up most talked about.

Series finales get more viewers because of the finality of the shows. The season finales not only have to keep you watching, but need to make you want to come back next year after your show will be out of mind for months. Sometimes, they’ll show another direction the show will take. They might kill a character, marry one off, or a child might even be born.

Whatever they do, it better be good if they expect to come back for another season. What are your all time favorite season finales?