Whether it was because of zombie walks at the Jersey shore or in talking about best horror films for Halloween you may know my all time scary movie of choice is the George Romero classic, 'Night Of The Living Dead', a low budget film from 1968 shocking in its time. Every Halloween except for one I have watched this movie. I can't say it truly scares me anymore as I've seen it too many times. I can say I can recite it almost line for line.

It was made on a budget of only $114,000 but earned back $12,000,000 domestically and $18,000,000 internationally. Five years after its release, it was observed that 'Night Of The Living Dead' was the most profitable horror movie ever made outside the walls of a major studio.

Which brings me to this. I found this crazy old movie trailer for the movie. This was before they really knew how to make movie trailers which has become an art form in itself. You'll especially love the overly dramatic delivery of the line "a night of terror" at 1:25 in. If you've never seen this old school zombie classic, you must. Happy Halloween!

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