I'm on a walk this morning killing time before going to an event in my daughter's classroom which didn't start for half an hour after drop-off. I see this...thing...next to a phone pole. I don't know if this picture shows it well enough, but I've seen mushrooms before, even large ones, and this didn't look quite like a mushroom. The size of it alone. Compare it to the size of the phone pole next to it. Whatever this freaky thing is, it's enormous.

Jeff Deminski photo

Unless it's a space alien, in which case it's a small one. I'm right next to this thing and I really couldn't say what it was. A mushroom the kind of which I've just never seen before? A half burned misshapen foam pillow someone threw out of a passing car window? Something left behind from Clifford The Big Red Dog that no one dared clean up? This is driving me crazy. Does ANYONE have ANY ideas? Let me know in the comment section below.