The weirdest business by far in New Jersey is a very cool idea and is rapidly gaining popularity. It came about when a few couples were hangin out drinking in a backyard on a warm Jersey night.

Picture, if you will, one guy throwing a hatchet trying to hit a tree in his backyard and then his wife trying to get even closer to the tree.

Exactly how much alcohol the couples were consuming has yet to be determined.

But before they knew it, a business was conceived: Stumpy's Hatchet House in Eatontown. 

Yup. Stumpy's Hatchet House. And by hatchet, they mean the actual hatchet that can cut down a tree or hack you to death (if you use it irresponsibly, that is.) But at Stumpy's the idea is to throw the hatchets at targets to try to hit the bullseye.  We had the opportunity to meet and talk to one of the owners of Stumpy's Hatchet House after they called into the show, and we think they're really onto something!

So I sent my kid to check it out. And according to him and various other sources, it's a blast! Not to mention a great way to get out your aggression on a Saturday night!  National media outlets have been banging down the doors at Stumpy's to check it out, cover the unusual story of this unusual business and the entrepreneurs who started it. And of course they often stop to play.

Will Stumpy's be the beginning of a new national pastime? Check it out and see for yourself. Yes, Hatchet throwing is a thing. Cause let's face it: You've always wanted to throw a hatchet, right? 

- Judi Franco

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