Yesterday on the Deminski & Doyle Show, we were discussing the passing of Donna Summer and how she defined the disco era in this country. Slowly but surely, the conversation morphed into asking what you thought the best era of music was. My favorite era is the mid-70s. Jeff Deminski's favorite era is the 90s when alternate rock was prevalent. Bill Doyle went with the entire 70s decade.

We had a ton of opinions from our listeners as the hour went on.

  • Chris in Union said the best era was the 50s, and he was only 27 years old!
  • John calling in from the Turnpike thought the disco era was his favorite.
  • Joe in Freehold was lenient towards 80s hair metal.
  • David in Milltown was a child of the 70s and stuck with that music his whole life.
  • Laurie in Jackson claims she was obsessed with the 90s, from pop to rock to dance.

When you ask a question as subjective as this, you're going to get a ton of different answers. What do you think was the best era for music in American history? Let us know in the comment section below.