By Jeff Deminski:

Jeff was discussing how he and his on air partner Bill Doyle, along with their producer Joe V. got to do something very cool this past weekend. The afternoon trio got to ride in a blimp.

Flickr User AK Photography

From that story it lead to a discussion about cool things that are on your "bucket list." You know the things you just HAVE to do before you die for whatever reason. Jeff asked the listeners to call in with their bucket list items and here is some of items that are currently on our listeners' bucket lists:

Bob in Cherry Hill - Have sex in space

Lori in Flemington - Go sky diving

Nisha in South Jersey - Be a contestant on the Price is Right game show

Mark in Perth Amboy - Travel to a space station

Margie on the road in NJ - Dive with a whale shark

Jerry in Freehold - Travel to Egypt to see the Pyramids

Ron in Sewell - Take a blimp ride

Vinnie from Brick - Run with the bulls in Spain

Ann in Jackson - Have tea or coffee with actress Betty White