As the restoration from Sandy continues, we’ve come to the phase where the vultures are preying on these poor people who have lost everything and are vulnerable to any scam artist. We’ve been warned to be on the lookout, , and we’ve seen what can happen.

Governor's Office/Tim Larsen

I’ve never been one for additional laws, but I think that if there were some kind of stronger deterrent that would keep these scammers away from these people it could do nothing but help. Perhaps we could call it “Sandy’s Law” which calls for stiffer penalties for those taking advantage of victims of natural disasters. Since we’ve already seen 3 “disasters” in three years, it’s very possible we could see more.

Sandy’s Law when applied, would call for a stiffer penalty than normal and hopefully would stop these people from ripping off those who barely have anything left to lose.  What do you think?