Have you had to drive your car with a couple of missing pieces? Dennis and Judi were discussing the things you've had go missing on your car and driven without.   Judi lost a wiper the other day during the inclement weather and had to drive without it. Every time that she stopped , she would have to wipe the windshield off so she could see.

While taking calls, Dennis found this photo and thought it was hysterical because if you look at the picture real quick, it looks as if the woman is driving without a door. And considering some of the calls, it wouldn't be far fetched to have heard some callers say that they drove without a door.



Or even better that that photo, here's a clip from the movie 'The Blues Brothers' that was very similar to what Judi was doing with her car the other day. You can fast forward to the clip which is at roughly the :50 sec mark.

What have you driven without? Leave your stories below.