I've been getting a lot of messages about NJ ballot question 2 and one of the most frequently asked questions is "what happens to the money?"

If you're thinking that you will #VoteNoOnTwo,  then you're probably wondering where the money will go, right? While NJ politicians may have you believe that the funds won't be dedicated, I'm here to  explain what will actually happen to the money raised from the gas tax hike if you vote no.

There are some that think that no matter how we vote, the legislators in Trenton will find a way to borrow the money anyway. Not true. If the politicians want to borrow money, they need your approval to do it. Voting no ensures that they don't have that approval.

Even if NJ voters say yes to question 2, it doesn't stop our politicians from using borrowed funds for any project they want. The funds collected from the gas tax must be dedicated BUT any funds they borrow against the projected revenue from the gas tax, do NOT have to be dedicated to roads.

Listen to my full explanation in the YouTube clip above.

From New Jersey 101.5:

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