Video is NSFW due to Joe flipping the bird

We always close out every week giving away prizes and playing some sort of game. We switch it up all the time to keep it fresh, but some of the games we play such as Password and Jersey Pyramid require a so-called isolation booth. Picture a soundproof booth on the old TV quiz shows our parents and grandparents used to watch. Well our isolation booth doesn't look like that at all, but it is soundproof.

When we play Jersey Pyramid for example we have Joe Votruba go into and adjacent production room where he can hear nothing of the show but can see in through a huge window for when we're ready to summon him for the next round. This past Friday we played Jersey Pyramid, and apparently during commercial breaks Joe gets a little bored. Check out this video of what I caught him doing while waiting for the show to resume. If you're offended by rude Jersey hand gestures, don't watch this video.

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