Recently, while I was engineering the New Jersey 101.5 morning show, Joe Cutter mentioned in causal conversation (off-air) that he'd seen a T-Shirt that made him laugh...

It went something like this: "I'm looking for myself. If you see me, keep me here til I return"

We all laughed....and I got to thinking...they'll put ANYTHING on a T-Shirt nowadays!  Here are just a few random samples that I've spied of late...

Part of a matched set... (Craig Allen photo)
...right?! (Craig Allen photo)

And, here's the shirt that comes after the 2 least as far as the cynics are concerned:

YOU supply the amusing tagline for this one! (Craig Allen photo)

I've seen multiple variations on this (below) childhood classic...some aren't appropriate for a family-based!

Is the Dr. Seuss estate getting a royalty payment upon purchase? (Craig Allen photo) can learn something new through a T-Shirt...

"Wasted days and wasted nights."--Freddy Fender (Craig Allen photo)

Or promote your favorite character or show (such as the Smurfs, above)...

"Do AC!" (Craig Allen photo)

or town...

I saw this shirt, snapped this picture, in Atlantic City. No fooling! (Craig Allen photo)

...apparently even if you're not there at the time of T-Shirt purchase! I'm figuring that the shirt is right on the mark: If you are buying a Las Vegas shirt on the Atlantic City DO have "issues!" And, apparently, shirts that happen in Vegas do not necessarily stay in Vegas.

Of all of these off-beat shirts, this is my favorite of the moment:

T-M-I....really! (Craig Allen photo)

I would imagine (and hope) that this started out as a toddler's or a small child's T-Shirt...before making the leap to "adult apparel."

Proving what I said at the outset: They'll put ANYTHING on a T-Shirt!

And...yes...SOMEONE will BUY it! (Cha-Ching!)

Your turn!

What funny T-Shirt(s) have you seen lately?

And, please, remember that this is a family-friendly website!!

Thanks for your consideration...and self-censorship!

On exhibit in the "Craig Allen Radio T-Shirt Museum." (Craig Allen photo)

But seriously, it would be wrong if I did NOT promote my favorite radio station, via T-Shirt, before concluding this "punny" article!

Thanks for reading...and listening!