Here's a video of an actual commercial from the early 70's. The way people gush over our stupid 'full serve' system you would think this is what people were still getting.

The last time anyone took a run at lifting New Jersey's ban on self-serve gas, Governor Corzine almost had a mutiny on his hands. While certainly not prima donnas, when it comes to this one issue the majority of New Jerseyans don't want to get their hands dirty. The majority speak glowingly about how 'full serve' is the one 'luxury' we have here in the Garden State. Is it really 'full serve' though? I had an entire transaction the other day where the gas attendant never even spoke to me. Never made so much as an acknowledging grunt. I pulled in at a gas station I'd never been to before. I turned the engine off and noticed there wasn't a single employee out at the 'full serve' pumps. No one. There were four other cars waiting to be filled, and two others that had been filled just sitting there. No one around. The only thing that was missing was tumbleweed. I waited about a minute and was just about to get out of my car to start doing it myself when an employee finally wandered out of their little mini-mart. Luckily I was the first car he walked up to. He just looked at me blankly, wordlessly.

"Hi, fill it up please, regular," I said handing him my credit card. Again, no response. Just took the card and set the pump. It took forever once that pump clicked off for him to get back to me as he was moving slowly from car to car. Another employee had come out to pump gas eventually and moved even slower than the first guy. My guy finally got around to me to remove the nozzle and hand me back my card. Again, no words from him, even after I said, "Thank you."

Is this 'full serve'? Is this the 'luxury' the majority of New Jerseyans support? Where you sit several more minutes than you had to for the luxury of not pumping it yourself? They're certainly providing no other service these days. Often without so much as a hello or thanks.