With airlines considering charging for the use of the overhead compartments, that gave me a brilliant idea!

I'm starting a new airline, and I'm going to charge for things that other airlines haven't even thought of. Note to airline companies: If you really want to take it in, follow my lead!

Things I'm charging for:

  • Tray top table: It's not that you can't get through a flight without the tray top table, but it would be pretty inconvenient if you have a meal or a beverage both of which I will also charge you for by the way. So I'm going to say and nominal three dollar fee for the use of the tray table would be fine
  • Reclining: Reclining is a huge luxury and one that I feel is worth a pretty penny. I would say from $20-$25 extra is a fair price for feeling like a king and reclining why you fly.
  • Oxygen masks: In an emergency situation, I feel you would pay almost anything for a drop of precious air. Which is why I feel I can charge a premium for it. After all wouldn't you pay the last dollar that you own to breathe? However I am a realist. I understand that some people are going to have thousands of dollars to plunk down and I don't want everyone dropping dead on my flight so I'm going to say that this perk will set my fliers back $150.
  • Under the seat in front of you: The floor space beneath the seat in front of you is usually used to store whatever object you carry-on. No presumably I've already charged you for the carry-on so what are you gonna do keep that object in your lap for the entire flight? I guess you could. But if you want the luxury of placing it on the floor in front of you, that's gonna run you 10 bucks.
  • Headphone Jacks: Feel like actually listening to that computer iPod or iPad you brought on board? Well that little plug is quite valuable! I would say a dollar a minute should suffice.
  • Restrooms: This has been floated before by some European carriers and immediately shut down. But on my airline we have no shame. The bathrooms. As in the case of the oxygen masks I feel I've got a captive audience here. You're gonna be desperate so you're going to pony up. 50 bucks will get you full bathroom access.
  • Air sickness bags: These come in pretty handy if you have an unexpected bout of air sickness. Now granted some, savvy flyers could carry a plastic bag with them on board, but if you've come unprepared and you're going to be sick, you won't mind the six dollars I'm going to charge you for the barf bag.
  • Overhead lights and air vents: So many people can read in the dark and never get warm on a plane that I feel the demand for these little luxuries is low. At least compared to, say, the bathrooms. Therefore, there will be just a nominal fee for these. $2.50 per flight per light. Ditto the vent.

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