Deminski & Doyle want to know the one drink that you can absolutely not have, or even look at, ever again because there was one night you drank too much of it and you got sick. It could be a type of alcohol, a brand, or even a mixed drink.

The first type of alcohol that I ever drank and got sick on was rum. I have not been able to go back to drinking rum ever since. It's a struggle for me to even smell it.

Some of our listeners chimed in about what drink they can't have anymore:

  • Donna in South Jersey - Screwdrivers (vodka and orange juice)
  • Troy in Brick - Goldschläger
  • Elise in New Hope, PA - Bloody Marys
  • Chris in Forked River - Any type of vodka
  • Lauren in Cherry Hill - Blackhouse

What drink can you never have again? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.