An interesting issue came up today when I went for my yearly mammogram, and it's amazing because it's less common than EVER to find something Jersey does better than other states. But did you know that New Jersey cares more about your breasts than some 36 other states?

I always talk about mammos on the air because I really want women to remember how important it is and I try to urge them to go for their monthly yearly screenings. But yesterday at the Breast Center, I experienced what I think was a case of "too much information." Dense breast tissue.

Usually you just go in there and have them squeeze you into the huge machine, hold your breath a second and take the pictures (the process has been described so many times by so many comedians that I hesitate to go through it again.) Basically, it is very similar to lying down in the driveway and having your breasts run over by a Ford Bronco's tires. Slowly. But whatever--I'm not whining.

I'm just laughing at the latest twist they've added to the whole procedure: Breast density.

As if we didn't have enough to worry about?! Well, I'm not laughing at the issue itself, but at how they're educating women about it (Of course, the 6th grader in me does think it's kind of an awkward conversation!)

But because of a fairly new law, unlike those in many other parts of the country, New Jersey women with the "density" issue don't have to worry. The Governor's got 'em covered (The women, I mean, not the boobs.)

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