Dennis and Judi were talking about the upcoming Comic Con that will be coming to New York October 10th -13th.

Dan Dennison/Getty Images

Judi's sons will be attending comic con this year and neither she nor Dennis get the concept of why people go. The listeners on the other hand were more than happy to give reasons why they go.

Callers from that ranged in age from their  twenties to their forties and fifties all called in to say why they go to comic con and how much fun they have when they attend. One female caller mentioned how much she loves going and has flown out to San Diego twice to attend the California Comic Con. Another caller was the boyfriend of our very own part-timer Diana, who said that going to comic con does not automatically make you a geek.

The majority of the callers that weighed in were fans of either a movie or tv show whose stars would appear at the comic con.

What do you think? Do you think people that attend comic cons are cool or is their a geeky stigma that is attached to going to a fan convention? Take the poll below.