Out in the wilds of Nevada, one state senator has introduced a bill to increase the speed limit to 85 where they deem it safe.

Given that no one here drives the speed limit, and that if you did, you might be putting your life in danger from all the maniacs around you; perhaps it’s time to raise the speed limit on the Turnpike and Parkway to something more realistic.

Do you feel we should, and what would a realistic speed be?

According to this:

Nevada State Sen. Don Gustavson introduced a bill that paves the way for Nevada to increase the maximum speed limit to 85 mph in those areas where state transportation officials determine that speed is safe. If enacted, the new speed limit would match the one in Texas for the nation’s fastest.

“I drive on rural roads a lot here in northern Nevada -- my district is huge,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “There’s 37,000 square miles in this state. It’s a big, big place. The way I see it, this new limit just paves the way for a speed people are already doing out there anyway.”

On rural highways in Nevada, the top speed is 70 mph. On interstates it's 75.
Only Utah and Texas have speed limits exceeding 75 mph. In Texas, 80 mph is common, and one toll road has a posted limit of 85. In Utah, 80 mph is allowed in several places across the desert state.

Gustavson said he’s done his research on this one.

“Utah’s statistics show that the fatality rates in those areas with higher speed limits have actually gone down,” he told The Times. They thought that once it went up, the death toll would go with it. But the average speed under the lower limit was 82 before, and now it’s 85."

He added, “I think many travelers in Utah can now observe what's ahead of them instead of concentrating on their rearview mirror ticket-bearing troopers.”

Speed limits have historically been faster in Nevada. Before the federal government established a 55 mph national speed limit, the Silver State allowed motorists to travel at any "safe and sane" speed.

In New Jersey, 55 is NOT a safe speed limit for the Parkway or Turnpike, unless the weather is bad.

65 seems safe, but now days no one drives 65.

I’d say average speed on the Turnpike and Parkway is about 75ish.

Given that, and the fact that driving too “slow” can get you killed, what do you feel is a reasonable speed for the Parkway and Turnpike.