The Colorado massacre once again focuses our attention on the question, "What can you do to stay safe in a public places such as a movie theater or a shopping mall?"

Tom Brown is a Jersey survival expert known as, "The Tracker." He teaches safety and survival courses. Brown says with all of the trouble in the world, people have to become more aware of their surroundings when they are out in a public place.

Brown says we should be on the lookout for each other, and protect each other to warn people of the danger of situations that do not feel, "quite right."

He adds, "People have got to become highly aware anytime they are in a public situation, and they have to look where exits are, the type of people around them. Be prepared for the worst. That sounds like paranoia, but not really. We all know we do fire drills in our own home. You have to run a fire drill in your own house so that you just know where to go. You should do the same in any kind of mall or movie theater or schools...stuff like that, to be prepared that way."

He says police officers have been trained for years to always watch what and who is nearby, even when they are off-duty. Brown says if you find yourself in the middle of a shooting in a public place get down and stay down and make yourself as difficult a target as you can.

He says, "You do what every military person or police officer does during gunfire, you get as low to the ground as you possibly can. You minimize your target. You get underneath the pews, the chairs, what ever you possibly can."