The night before Halloween is an event around NJ, mainly called 'mischief night,' where kids go out and cause havoc in their neighborhoods. But is it just an local event?

Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

Dennis and Judi were discussing how big mischief night used to be growing up and now it seems like more of a non-event than anything. Mischief night had different names depending on whether you were from North Jersey, South Jersey or even Philly, but it was all the same premise, eggs got thrown, flour got tossed and trees had toilet paper flowing threw them after all was said and done.

A new map, created by Joshua Katz at NC State University shows what different regions of the country calls mischief night, although the majority of the country doesn't call it anything.

You can view the map for yourself by clicking here.

Did you call it mischief night or something else? Or have you never heard of this night before? Leave your comments below.