Tonight is September's edition of 'Ask the Governor' at 7pm. Governor Chris Christie will be in studio with Eric Scott taking your calls. As is customary, Jim asks his listeners what they would want to Ask the Governor.

Governor Christie in the NJ101.5 studios for 'Ask the Governor.' (Photo by Annette Petriccione, Townsquare Media)

Here is a list of questions Jim's listeners came up with:

Mark in Perth Amboy: Will Governor Christie support the carry concealed law?

Joyce from Long Valley: What is being done to restructure property taxes and school funding?

Brad in Woodbridge: Why are municipalities allowed to hold back on payment to contractors?

Pat n Florida: Will there be any cost of living increase in teachers' pension?

Ernie in Branchburg: What is the status of Christie's nominations to the Supreme Court.

Fran in Washington Township: Does Christie realize that there is a 5-to-6 year wait for grants for underground tank remediation?

Mary in Long Branch: Is there a breakdown of where the lottery money goes?

Lorraine in Toms River: Are they waving the casualty tax and theft for Sandy as they did for Katrina?

Harold in Monroe Twp: Can the Governor explain in layman's terms why he can't lower property taxes?

Chrissy in Ortley Beach: Will there be state grant money (gap) for second home owners on the shore?

Peter in Mendham: What kind of pressure or incentives can you put on small school districts to consolidate?

Alex in Bethlehem: Why does it take so long for the NJ Court System to collect on judgements?