Fast food...unhealthy? Perhaps. But many of us like the convenience. An internet survey of fast food workers asked them what offerings in their restaurants they would steer clear of.

The fast food insiders did not like grilled chicken, many of them complaining it is basted in margarine. They also complained that fast food sweet tea contains more sugar than soda.

The workers also said fried foods, in general, may be cooked in old oil. They advised people to avoid unusual pizza toppings and anything complimentary, such as bread-sticks. Some complained that the ice in their restaurants may not be clean.

Felicia Stoller of the New Jersey Dietetic Association says some fast food offerings might be crafted to taste good first, with nutrition in the backseat. But it's convenient, right? Stoller says if you must, "grab and go", you can get a children's size portion of something, for instance a small cheeseburger and small-sized fries and a bottle of water.

Another tip from the insiders:Never order near closing time when haste may make waste.